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2010 Pierre Andre Bourgogne Pinot Noir

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We had a great time at my house where we served 12 adults and 6 kids … among the many drinks we served I wanted to point out the 2010 Pierre Andre Bourgogne Pinot Noir we had. We got to the reds pretty late as we started with a beer, moved onto the always excellent Piper Sonoma Sparkling wine, then a Prosecco, and finally with dinner Pinot Noir. Why Pinot? Well in addition to being one of my favorites to begin with, Pinot Noir is excellent with Turkey. There’s probrably no better red than i can think of … and this one was very very good. The coloring an opaque red, very light, with no heavy tannins and plently of fruit to keep it interesting. We killed two bottles of it easily.

Where to buy: Bottle King $17.99 onsale to members for $11.99

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