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Live notes from the Republican Debate

downloadWhat follows is “mostly” unedited notes I took while watching tonight’s Republican debate. Some of the lines were taken from a Facebook group chat with two friends and others went straight into the blog. With that said, here we go:

What’s with the brit on the panel? Lame.

Oh my god does the other male moderator talk this slow the whole time

Carson always looks stoned. Glassy half closed eyes.

Trump Carson and Rubio: No to raising miminum wage – not going to get many votes that way …

Rubio: Welders make more money than philosophers? Oh my.

Jeb and Kashich fighting it out. Jeb looks so dweaby and weak

Jeb: 4% growth i find that highly unlikely sorry buddy. Repeal every rule of Obama? Not. Ok I’ll give him when heh went after Hillary he sounded much better, even though i disagree with him

Fiorina: Man she is ugly. Oh here we go with the ‘woman i met the other day story” – do they make these people up? just answer the question woman!! she’s got a list of 5 things. let’s see if that’s all she talks about all night.

Rand: blah blah why do i feel like he talks and i just hear wind? snore.

Carson rambling about West Point and Hillary and lying. I can’t stand him.

Trump and the Wall … the only good wall is the album by Pink Floyd. A wall will never work, and is not what this country is about.

Kashich: Why is he on this stage again? Oh wait, is he saying we can’t deport Mexicans?? wow. i’m shocked. he’s into letting them stay. maybe i need to pay attention to him. Trump rambling about Ike moving 1.5 million people out … not the 11 million Trump is proposing.

Jeb: Thanks trump for letting him speak at the debate. humor might be good for him. he’s also against sending 11 million people home and breaking up families.

Rubio with a good candy crush vs. telephone comment. might be the first positive thing i’ve ever said about him.

hate the way cruz pauses and stares into the camera. “lawyers and bankers were crossing the rio grande”???

carly: she’s not as fiery as she was at the first debate. tends to yell at the end of each point to fake being fiery. it’s not working….. “secret sauce of america”… yeah that’s not working either.

Cruz: really? who cares if there are more words in teh tax code than the bible? awww come on they ask cruz about his tax plan he says look at his website??? that is fucking LAME = nice female moderator said he hasn’t said how he’d pay for it.

Jeb! – the lil brother that couldn’t … poor guy…..

rubio never sounds like he’s really answering a question, he always sounds like he’s giving a prepared speech.

oooh i like rand attacking rubio’s tax plan calling him out as not conservative. sweet stuff.  rand making sense here on the military. scary for me.

damn trump just got killed with “china not part of this deal” referring to TPP !!!

all taxes and war … small touch on minimum wage. not really much talk of police brutality, education, welfare programs, black lives matter, etc….

Carly wouldn’t talk to Putin??? is she crazy? she says she’d put troops everywhere – but not to start a war. wow. she’s bad.

rubio just called Putin a gangster … great international relations.

when carson talks about the banks i feel like he has not clue … he talks pure BS. yeah, after the first 30 seconds he started talking about the poor and hillary clinton. he does have no clue.

kasich talking like a liberal – too much greed in the banks !!

cruz the only one who actually answered that he would Not break up the big banks. oh here we go some woman he met, aftican american, blah blah blah … whatever! the Obama IRS ???? what the heck is that. OH snap he said he’d let Band of America fail if it was on the brnk …. nice. ah he brought up basically going back to a gold standard.

kasich is really trying hard here to interject on every point but i’m not sure it’s really working … he’s going nowhere.

cruz and kasich going head to head …. loving that. oh no kasich just got boooeed!!!!

oh here comes carly … pretending she was a great executive and now talking socialism … “this is how socialism starts ladies and gentlemen” … she’s so lame tonight.

rubio preaching yet again … so scripted, boring, and predictable. has nothing to do with answering the question on how they would do a better job than hillary with her long resume.

damn! recording cut out probably missed the last 2 or 3 minutes ….

Scary News from Kenya

OB-YZ701_0921na_G_20130921115044I was doing a bit of volunteer work today riding around and knocking on doors with one of the candidates for Emerson town cancel when on the radio a report came on about a mass assault in nairobi, kenya … for most people this probably wouldn’t have much of an effect but my buddy schutz and his family have been living down there for a year or more, and i turned up the radio to get a little more information … they didn’t say much, i guess not much info was out at the time, and i was pretty sure they were ok down there but you just never know … anyway as of right now it seems this is an Al Queda linked attack which resulted in the deaths of 39 people, 300 injured, and a standoff situation with hostages as i write … the good news is that in checking out facebook schutz’s wife posted on his account that they were not there and were all safe … it’s truly a terrible story and i have to wonder about why Al Queda attacks Kenya (the 2002 hotel bombing was also Al Queda linked I believe) … so anyway this blog bit goes out to them and all the families that are affected by this tragedy … stay safe and may noone else lose their life so senselessly ….

Anonymous and Karl Rove

I’m almost afraid to post this for fear of losing all credibility (especially because I just started this blog …) but being noone is reading it anyway, and its such an important issue … if true … that I just have no choice.

So apparently the hacker group Anonymous sent out a warning to Karl Rove a few weeks before the election that they were watching him because the knew he was going to try and steal the election … Rove was going to do this using Romney’s ORCA computer software to switch the votes in Virginia, Ohio and Florida …

Anonymous stepped in and put up a firewall on some tunnels that Rove had built, and stopped the stealing of the election from happening. They released a statement after the election claiming that the Republicans did try and specifically mentioned that they tried to get into the system 105 times before giving up. All this supposedly explains Rove’s on-air freakout the night of the election when Fox called it for Obama.

I’m not sure if I buy this or not, but it starts to sound pretty true after reading this:

The word is that Rove did a similar thing during Bush – Kerry election when the Ohio servers went down at 11:14pm and switched over to a backup system run by SMARTech, a company owned by the ex finance chairman of the Republican party.

Crazy conspiracy, truth, or something in between … you be the judge. i just had to mention it as something worth watching and looking into …

Agenda 21?

Came across this article co-written by Thom Hartmann and figured I would share

… now I need to take a closer look at what Agenda 21 is but i’m sure its nothing like what Glenn Beck is portraying it to be. How is this guy still popular? You’ve got to check out the trailer for his new book that Thom talks about in the article … I’m almost loathe to send people to his site and give him the traffic (and in fact you can watch it on Youtube) but here we go anyway … is anyone buying this stuff???

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