patriotsIt’s 2:42am and Dom is crashed on the couch after going to Cornerstone to have a few beers and watch the pre-season Dallas game. Here’s a TITAN:

  1. The Patriots suck without Tom Brady at the helm
  2. Gross Pointe Blank is a much better movie than I remember and has a great soundtrack
  3. The kids come back tomorrow from vacation in Ocean Beach, MD
  4. Freedom of the Mind
  5. I need to pick a book and just start writing, even if it comes out in short story form
  6. I need more sleep
  7. I want to ride my bike this weekend but I’m so out of shape it’s really suffering to do it
  8. Research how to make money off of blogs
  9. Tomorrow i’d like to say i’m going to focus at work but i already know that isn’t a true statement
  10. Why did I eat that last slice of pizza when we got home i shouldn’t be having carbs after 6pm.

Not terribly exciting, but a TITAN nonetheless …

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