TITANs – #1

100-listI can’t seem to shut my brain off tonight so I’ll just put this down and then hit the sack. Recently my personal laptop died and before I went out and bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet I’m writing this on, I bought a nice old school journal and started scratching some thoughts down in that. One thing I started doing was what I call Titans, for “Things I’m Thinking About Now”. The list should be 10 items but could be 5 or even 20. This will be my first Titan for the blog:

  1. Why my brain is always going a thousand miles a minute
  2. What my kids did today on their vacation with Julie in Ocean City, MD
  3. Why I never watched a TED talk before tonight
  4. How I’m going to make more money quickly
  5. Losing Weight when I just want to eat all the time
  6. Taking the motorcyle safety course offered at Farleigh Dickenson University on route 4
  7. How different people on the right think than I do
  8. How long I have to stay at UBS when I can barely stand the job anymore
  9. How I’ll afford the vacation to Lake Erie next week
  10. How I’m going to make the 7:45 hour drive with the kids all by myself (Schutz and Lonnie have wives to switch driving with)


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