All about Daisy …

Imageso not every posting is going a review of a movie, political ramblings, etc … sometimes i just want to write about what happened during the day…. and today was a good day for daisy …

she had her third soccer game today (ever) and i was so impressed with her … she plays on a coed team (they are only in kindergarten)  and at game one, although she got a few kicks in .. there was alot of talk talk talk with one of her friends while the the action was going on … but today … today was different. she was really in there, kicking the ball and dusting it up with the boys … at one point she took a shot on goal, a really good shot … unfortunately it was the wrong goal … but it was saved so no big deal these kids barely know the rules anyway …. so the game is ticking down and its the final minute and she’s got the ball and she’s running and kicking it down the field and next thing i know she takes a shot and Score !!! her very first goal … she was so excited she was still beaming and shouting out “i scored” all the way home. i have to say what better feeling is there than watching the smile light up their faces … i was really very proud of her.

a few hours later we went to Outdoor Movie Night … run by the Emerson police department, it’s a really great event with a bouncy house, a bouncy slide / maze / mountain, hot dogs, popcorn, zeppolees,  ice cream and of course, a movie … we went just the two of us as rosey has a bit of a runny nose and julie figured it was best to keep her home … so daisy had a great time hanging out with her friends … the funny part was she only watched about 15 minutes of the movie … but she did score again … 8 glow sticks … not bad for one day ….


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One response to “All about Daisy …”

  1. Michael says :

    good to read positive stuff like this in this crazy world — keep it up Daisy!

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