Hunter S. Thompson – Where the Buffalo Roam

ImageWas surfing around late night last night and came across this movie that had just started called Where the Buffalo Roam … it’s about a sliver of the life of Hunter S. Thompson … portrayed here by Bill Murray. The move came out in 1980 which naturally dates it a bit, and i have to say though it wasn’t the artsy cinematic film Depp’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was, i thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend anyone who digs his literature to check out … not that Depp did a bad job in his movie, don’t get me wrong i liked that one too … there was just something here that I thought was really worth viewing … it had great humor, tons of drugs, and for some reason really inspired me to want to dust off the old “typewriter” and start writing again … or at least hit Amazon and read through some more of his works …

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