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Hunter S. Thompson – Where the Buffalo Roam

ImageWas surfing around late night last night and came across this movie that had just started called Where the Buffalo Roam … it’s about a sliver of the life of Hunter S. Thompson … portrayed here by Bill Murray. The move came out in 1980 which naturally dates it a bit, and i have to say though it wasn’t the artsy cinematic film Depp’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was, i thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend anyone who digs his literature to check out … not that Depp did a bad job in his movie, don’t get me wrong i liked that one too … there was just something here that I thought was really worth viewing … it had great humor, tons of drugs, and for some reason really inspired me to want to dust off the old “typewriter” and start writing again … or at least hit Amazon and read through some more of his works …

Scary News from Kenya

OB-YZ701_0921na_G_20130921115044I was doing a bit of volunteer work today riding around and knocking on doors with one of the candidates for Emerson town cancel when on the radio a report came on about a mass assault in nairobi, kenya … for most people this probably wouldn’t have much of an effect but my buddy schutz and his family have been living down there for a year or more, and i turned up the radio to get a little more information … they didn’t say much, i guess not much info was out at the time, and i was pretty sure they were ok down there but you just never know … anyway as of right now it seems this is an Al Queda linked attack which resulted in the deaths of 39 people, 300 injured, and a standoff situation with hostages as i write … the good news is that in checking out facebook schutz’s wife posted on his account that they were not there and were all safe … it’s truly a terrible story and i have to wonder about why Al Queda attacks Kenya (the 2002 hotel bombing was also Al Queda linked I believe) … so anyway this blog bit goes out to them and all the families that are affected by this tragedy … stay safe and may noone else lose their life so senselessly ….

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