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Anonymous and Karl Rove

I’m almost afraid to post this for fear of losing all credibility (especially because I just started this blog …) but being noone is reading it anyway, and its such an important issue … if true … that I just have no choice.

So apparently the hacker group Anonymous sent out a warning to Karl Rove a few weeks before the election that they were watching him because the knew he was going to try and steal the election … Rove was going to do this using Romney’s ORCA computer software to switch the votes in Virginia, Ohio and Florida …

Anonymous stepped in and put up a firewall on some tunnels that Rove had built, and stopped the stealing of the election from happening. They released a statement after the election claiming that the Republicans did try and specifically mentioned that they tried to get into the system 105 times before giving up. All this supposedly explains Rove’s on-air freakout the night of the election when Fox called it for Obama.

I’m not sure if I buy this or not, but it starts to sound pretty true after reading this:

The word is that Rove did a similar thing during Bush – Kerry election when the Ohio servers went down at 11:14pm and switched over to a backup system run by SMARTech, a company owned by the ex finance chairman of the Republican party.

Crazy conspiracy, truth, or something in between … you be the judge. i just had to mention it as something worth watching and looking into …


2010 Pierre Andre Bourgogne Pinot Noir

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We had a great time at my house where we served 12 adults and 6 kids … among the many drinks we served I wanted to point out the 2010 Pierre Andre Bourgogne Pinot Noir we had. We got to the reds pretty late as we started with a beer, moved onto the always excellent Piper Sonoma Sparkling wine, then a Prosecco, and finally with dinner Pinot Noir. Why Pinot? Well in addition to being one of my favorites to begin with, Pinot Noir is excellent with Turkey. There’s probrably no better red than i can think of … and this one was very very good. The coloring an opaque red, very light, with no heavy tannins and plently of fruit to keep it interesting. We killed two bottles of it easily.

Where to buy: Bottle King $17.99 onsale to members for $11.99

Agenda 21?

Came across this article co-written by Thom Hartmann and figured I would share

… now I need to take a closer look at what Agenda 21 is but i’m sure its nothing like what Glenn Beck is portraying it to be. How is this guy still popular? You’ve got to check out the trailer for his new book that Thom talks about in the article … I’m almost loathe to send people to his site and give him the traffic (and in fact you can watch it on Youtube) but here we go anyway … is anyone buying this stuff???

Hello world!

Well I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time … and i’m not really sure exactly what this will turn into yet … something personal? somewhere to talk about movies and tv, the lastest wine I tried? Travelling? Politics (surely that) … or it could just be a place where i dump a bunch of links from interesting articles i’ve read … only time will tell … so for now i’ll just say Hello and start the show …

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